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About Bergen, Guide and Top Tourist Attractions
(Bergen, Norway)

The city of Bergen is located in Norway and is home to about 240,000 residents. Bergen offers a vast view of west Norway's mountainous region. The city is teeming with green life: the streets of Bergen are lined with trees and the city is dotted with parks. Because it rarely experiences cold spells, travelers usually go to the city's nearby mountain ranges for skiing.

Bergen is also known as the educational and administrative centre of Norway. The city is rich in trade, shipping, and fishing history. It was inhabited in the Middle Ages by German Hanseatic businessmen and looks continental, with a skyline of red-tiled roofs. The city is used as the gateway to the fjords, which makes it a popular tourist destination.

What to do in Bergen

Travelers in Bergen can stroll around its green parks and enjoy the city's plant life. For adventure-seekers, Bergen is very near snow-capped mountains which are best used for skiing and other snow-related sports activities. Travelers can also enjoy the yearly music festivals which showcase the local and international artists. There are also several orchestra houses and theatres in the heart of Bergen, where plays, musicals, and ballets are held.

Tourist Attractions

There is a little bit of everything for travelers who want to enjoy Bergen. The city offers a variety of pubs, restaurants ,and bars frequented by locals for the international cuisine and nightlife. For a more quiet adventure, travelers can visit the Bergen Aquarium which houses a marine fauna collections. To get a taste of Bergen history, travelers can visit the Gallery Bryggen and view the city's local craftsmanship and artefacts from the Viking period. Outdoor travelers can reach Mount Ulriken, which is just a few hours away by car. Here, travelers can take a long four-hour hike and get a telescopic view of the city from the mountain's summit.

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