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Directions, Transport and Travel To and From Bergen University
(Bergen, Norway)

Visitors to Bergen have several transport options. Bergen is accessible from other Norwegian cities via rail and motorway, and from major European destinations via air and ferry. Within the city, transport is convenient with several roundabouts offering alternatives to congested main roads.

Travel by Air

International travelers can reach Bergen through connecting flights from London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Stockholm, and Helsinki. The local airport in Bergen is called Flesland with planes coming in from London, Paris, Prague, Hamburg, Rome, and Newcastle.

Car Parking

Parking in the University of Bergen can be quite scarce, usually reserved for staff and students. For travelers coming to the city, Bergen has several pay parkings around the city. These are the Citypark, Bygarasjen, and Parkeringshuset. Some carparks are open 24 hours and can accommodate as much as 2300 vehicles. These pay parking areas are normally for short-term parking only.

Roads in Bergen are well signposted, making it easy for travelers to drive around the city. Using the AutoPASS, travelers who will be driving their own vehicles can pay the corresponding toll rates in the toll stations around Bergen. The AutoPASS is an automatic tag that eliminates the need to stop at every toll station.

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Travel by Trains and Rail

The most famous train route to Bergen is the Oslo-Bergen train journey. With the Bergen Railway, travelers get a spectacular view of the countryside and the city's mountain range.

Travel by Buses and Coachl

Buses are available outside the city's airport and train station. Some of these buses are hotel shuttles that can take travelers directly to their accommodation in the city. The city's central bus station also has scheduled bus trips in and out of Bergen. Buses are labeled with its route number and destination to prevent passengers from riding the wrong bus. These buses stop at designated destinations around the city centre.

Travel by Ferry

The ferry terminal at the port of Bergen has a lot of helpful facilities, such as shops, vending machines and restaurants. Several reputable companies such as Smyril Line, PandO Ferries, and Colorline run the efficient ferry service.

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Travel by Taxi

Taxis in Bergen are hailed in the airport, bus station, or train station. These taxis are metred and usually charge extra for travellers with a lot of luggage. Taxis can take travelers to virtually any part of the city, and to nearby towns and tourist destinations.

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