University of Bergen

University Colleges and Facilities
(Bergen, Norway)

The University of Bergen is divided into seven faculties. Each faculty is equipped with research facilities and laboratories, and most have their own branch libraries linked to the University's central library.

Faculty of Arts

Founded in 1948, his faculty was one of the original university faculties. It is the largest faculty in the university with over 4,500 students and 275 staff members. It is home to 11 departments, 30 degree programmes, and 8 centres.

Faculty of Dentistry

This faculty was established in 1962 and is a department in itself, educating a large portion of Norway's would-be dentists.

Faculty of Law

This faculty was established separately in 1980. Together with the University of Tromso and the University of Oslo, the UiB's faculty of law provides legal education to Norwegians. This faculty has over 1,900 students who are taking up the faculty's 5-year programme and 3-year PhD programme.

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

This faculty is home to six departments and one institute, all of which are focused on the study of the natural sciences and mathematics.

Faculty of Medicine

This faculty is home to four departments, two centres, and two institutes focused on educating students about medicine, virology, and public health.

Faculty of Psychology

This faculty was established in 1980 and is a department in itself. It is tasked to uphold pedagogic education in the University of Bergen.

Faculty of Social Sciences

This faculty is comprised of 7 departments and three centres devoted to the study of the different fields of Social Sciences.

Bergen University

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